AS Petrovec

A.S. Petrovec

Activities of the Company:

Growing wheat and other crops, growing hops, agricultural services, producing mill and bakery products, wholesale trade of granular products, seeds, animal food, retail trade in non-specialized shops selling mostly food, drinks and tobacco, buying up agricultural products for further selling and processing, transport of goods in highway traffic, warehouses and storehouses of various goods, renting agricultural machines and equipment, advising and making computer programmes, data processing, accounting and book-keeping control work, examining of the market and of public opinion, packaging services, informing on TV.
Foreign trade enters the scope of the registered wholesale trade.  


Short background of Company development

Founding of the company started in 1945, when the workers peasants cooperative “Boris Kidric” was founded; in 1960 it was united with the cooperative “Hmeljar” into an agricultural company “Petrovec” Inc. with about 260 employees on 700ha of land. At the end of 1977, the working organization “15.October” Inc. was formed and it included “Petrovec” Inc. too.
This organization fell apart in 1990 and “Petrovec” Inc. united with the collective farm “Roljnik” while the shareholding company was formed in 1.January, 1991.
After giving the land back (the Law about giving the land back to former owners) the company changes its managing policy:
- its own production has been intensified (hops, corn seeds, onion bulbs, bell pepper, paprika, etc.)
- cooperation with united farmers (a farmers’ cooperative started with its work) in Backi Petrovac, Kisac, Pivnice, and the surroundings.
- development of retail trade (6 retail trade shops)
- bakery products